Supposedly an unidentified resource inside Amazon has leaked that the Kindle 3 will be larger, have a touch-screen, and debut “by the end of this year.” Some think increasing the size is a no-brainer but personally, I like the compact size of the current Kindles as they make for easy transport.

There seems to be a growing number of users wanting a touch-screen, here again, I don’t know that I agree. I like having my Kindle screen free of fingerprints so I don’t have a problem with not having touch-screen capabilities.

There’s also been a growing demand for color screens. Since I basically just use mine for reading fiction I probably wouldn’t benefit much from that but must admit that it’d be pretty cool; it would be a great feature for textbooks.

I didn’t even think color or touch screen capabilities were possible with eInk technology but apparently one Kindle rival, Plastic Logic has been aggressively pushing its upcoming innovative flexible-screen e-reader for months (pictured with the Kindle 1 above.) It’s got a notepaper-sized screen, better for viewing magazine and newspaper-style content, and touchscreen input for note-taking, page annotation and so on. Fujitsu’s already trialling a large full-color e-book of its own (shown below).

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Recognize that the Kindle 3 is nothing more than mere speculation at this point in time, but if you’re a Kindleholic, like me, you like to keep up with such rumors.

Sources: FastCompany, Fujitsu

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